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All wrong

It's now 7:30am. My headache's been so bad I've had no sleep since my last post.

I've done mostly nothing except lie down and try to will it away, alas it's failed and there's no nurofen left to get rid of it.

I've been on Hotel Dusk and now have gotten past the first bar visit. I've also done research for the Star Wars fic on Wookieepedia (deciding, too, that Ray and Bob will be in it as near-human's) and that's it really.

It's started to die down now a little so I'm writing. I didn't realise that the fic I'm on now is a near 3 page standalone. Eep.

When I do post it I'll put it on mychemicalslash and I want anyone that's on fuckyou_mcr to keep an eye on it for a few days in case anything's posted about it. I'll have in the intro thing a bit saying for it not to be linked there so I just wanna be sure it's respected.

And if you're reading this Happy Birthday Janey < 3

Edit: My Star Wars stuff has come, yay! Snowbunny Padme FTW
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