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Damn you, damn her and damn the Wright brothers

I've never much gone on Father's Day. I've never even met my dad (or his family) so grandad was my substitute. Since he's been gone whenever we've gone out it seems Father's Day stuff has been everywhere and that's upset me. I'm glad it's over for a year now.

Recently there's been strange things happening. The other day we had the tv on mute and it suddenly unmuted: but the remote wasn't near either of us. The night before I felt someone touch my shoulder and now today I felt like I was being watched at nan's, but there was no one there. I also thought I saw something move in the bathroom, so shut the door. Danny's been sitting and staring at nothing. The way he sits is like he does when someone's standing or sitting in front of him.

It's strange.

I've been writing on and off, but it seems most of the time I'm on the comp, my eyes, back or head are playing up, I'm splitting my attention or there's the block of doom. Whenever block does go one of the things comes up or I go off.

Last night during Download my head got really bad and throbbing after being ok for days. Bah. Why did they have to play I Don't Love You/Teenagers (the two worst songs off The Black Parade to me) and why was Gerard the only one being interviewed? And why was the 30 Seconds bit so short (ironically probably 30 seconds).

Tomorrow's stupid Job Centre. I hope it's a nice day so I can walk without getting wet. I also hope they're not arses. If they are I swear I'll scream at them, cause I'm not in the mood to deal with their search for a job bull (I've had too much stress lately to have bohered looking). If they get bitchy then they can live through what I've been through and see how they get on.

I'm gonna be odd with AIM/MSN now and not talk to anyone unless they IM me first. I have a nack of IMing people at the wrong time.

New Simpsons on TV=YAY!

I'm gonna see about doing some more writing now. I was meant to have done some of the fics I'm on by now, but I haven't been able to causa above. I'll do the ones I have open this week (10, though blissfully most are standalones) then do the ones from the poll.

I'm planning on staying up tonight to do some. Or at least until one's done.
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