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Leave a wake

Watched The Grudge 2 last night. It's betetr then I thought it would be, though it's confusing as hell and the stupid blonde schoolgirl pisses me off.

Watched a bit of the Springwatch thing after it. Fuzzy animals are so cute!

I'm totally getting the resident Evil 4 Wii version. Although I've played it before it just looks so cool. Point and shoot, point and shoot.

Last night I had a dream where Ian and Sean were Ray's sex slaves. Damn you mind. I've noted it down and added it to future to do list.

Out of the fic's I have open now, six fics could be completed quick if I had inspiration for them. Then there's five other ones which I go between. I'm hoping to have something done tomorrow, but wheneeer I sit to write I either get block, mum calling me over there, some other pestering or my stupid body acting up (headache, back pain or tiredness). It's really annoying.

When I post three of the fics I have to upload pics of the people. Thankfully I have pics of all three on here somewhere.

The fic poll's gonna be open till Tuesday, when I'll look at it and see what the votes are for. Before then I might poke people to vote.

My Star Wars stuff has been sent now, yay! I hope they get here soon. By soon I mean, of course, tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'm gonna take pics of various things. Mainly, the unicorns, the Sean/Ian thing from Kerrang, the Star Wars table and terrible ones of me.

Next week we're gonna be going out and having a longgg day out. This emans being up early and a coupla buses. We're going to Merry Hill cause that's the nearest Toys R Us (why Birmingham's one closed I have no idea) and Birmingham to get my Taste Of Chaos ticket.

It's been raining all day, just like yesterday. Typical British sumemr.
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