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Woahhh... gay men

Last night I didn't write, cause mum decided to be a bitch and we had a fight. Always the same stupid fight over and over. It just made me so... argh.

We sorted it in the end but she just frustrates the shit outta me.

Today has been... well, eh.

We went to see nan and now she's confined to bed and so, so thin. Her skin's hanging off her and it's just... so scary I think she's losing the will to live too now.

We went around town cause it made babu sad, so we wandered around the shops. Cue me being frustrated at Asda (only having one Star Wars fig I wanted in the 2 for £5 offer), getting a Simpsons dvd, getting the other Empire cover I wanted being glad the cheque's been paid out and getting The Grudge 2 half price.

Then we went to Walsall, where we had a Mcdonalds and then wondered round a bit. Read as wishing I had money for Snakes On A Plane/Jedi Vs Sidious Battle Pack, squeeing over Pocket Models (which I'm totally gonna collect cause they're so cute), evil unbelieveably heavy rain and free gifts. Namely the new Jawa figure and another unicorn. YAY for babu!

So now I have four unicorns (though Spencer is a baby one) Gerard, Ray, Jay/Floofeh and Spencer plus two rideable ones which are Bob and Paul.

Annoyingly, when I got back I realised I had £20 that I hadn't taken with me. D'oh!

We got Kerrang before we started out. Download isn't much (although there's scout troopers and, yes, that Ferard pic), The Used poster is only Bert and there's no regular sized posters. However there's a bit about next week's cd which makes it even more made of awesome winness. It has Funeral For A Friend, Aiden, Fightstar, The Automatic, Lostprophets, Bullet For My Valentine, The Blackout and Madina Lake. Practically the best free cd ever. The other good thing in it is about The Full Ponty. As if Ian bending over sllightly and showing his ass, Sean showing off his tummy and Ian staring at/feeling up Mike wasn't enough there's a picture of him and Sean that made me squee/stare.

They're licking each other's tongues.

I swear if I had a scanner set up I'd tottally scan it to show.

So, today's been busy and now I wanna lie down an rest my feetsies before trying to write again.

There's gonna be a Rayman Raving Rabbids 2! YAY!

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