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A Better Fuck

A Better Fuck
Pairing: Ryan/Pete, several others
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ryan
Notes: This is all based on something i_amthecosmos posted on Friday and the idea sprng from there. This has all been written since then and it's been the first fic I've been able to finish since everything went wrong so be kind. Also this is the first that won't be posted anywhere outside of here, which will probably be a semi-permenant thing until I'm confident enough to post elsewhere.
Warnings: Sex with Pete
Dedications: Everyone that's been so nice and thoughtful over the past week's. I really appreciate every kind word, comment, picspam post or anything else that's made me smile. Thank you all

I tried to surpress a yawn as I gazed up at the ceiling past Pete's head. As always, my thoughts were far from the moment, apart from making the occassional pity-moan. Pete was thrusting his cock in and out of my ass, though he was doing absolutely nothing for me. As always. Apparently Pete had absolutely no idea whatsoever as to how to pleasure another guy. I wondered if he'd even know where the male spot was. I knew I wasn't the only guy he couldn't pleasure. He made all our dreams come true and we all figured we owed him something.

Besides, if I wanted a guy to screw me right I always had Jon or Spence.

The first few times we'd had sex, I thought he was just over-excited, but as the time went on I realised that it was just... how sex with him was. We'd once decided to time him to see how long he'd take to cum. The shortest time was two minutes in Spence. The longest was just over ten in me. Even Brendon had more stamina then that.

"Oh Ryan!"

I once, shyly, asked Patrick about him. He couldn't give us any advice because he'd never had Pete inside him. In his case, it was Pete who was the bitch. The rest of the conversation turned into how he kept Pete all tied and gagged in his bunk for his personal usage while they were on tour.

It really is always the quiet ones.

Pete's nails dug into my slim hips, a sign that he was close. I gazed at him, watching as his head tipped back and his eyes lidded in pleasure. With one last thrust deep inside my ass he came inside me, moaning and groaning so loudly I was sure the whole state could hear. "Oh fuck Ryan, you're so good!" It seemed he made up for his inability to make anyone else orgasm with his sheer loudness. He collapsed on top of me, his sweaty body sticking to mine. "Amazing as always." He purred against my neck, planting soft kisses there. It was moments like this where I wished I could fake orgasm somehow to make out for him that it was good for me too. Thankfully he never seemed to notice. I think he thought his own sweat was my spilled seed.

For a few minutes we just lay there, with his weight almost crushing my smaller frame. Every few moments I glanced at the clock, watching as the seconds ticked by. Five minutes of having Pete contentedly breathe against my neck had passed before I finally broke the silence. "So Petey..." I bit my lip lightly, trailing my fingers along his spine as he looked into my eyes. "Do you have anywhere to be?"

He stared into my dark orbs for a few seconds, then nodded with a soft sigh, brushing my hair with his fingers. "Yeah, I guess Patrick's wondering where I am." He kissed my lips softly before slding off my body reluctantly and picking up his discarded clothing, though that was only a tee and pair of tight pants. He slowly stepped into the jeans and pulled them up his beautiful legs. He was sexy in his own way and I understood the attraction both guys and girls had to him. Of course I'd thought he was sexy, but that was before I found out he was bad in bed. He turned away from me as he finished pulling them up, covering the small P brand that had been burned into his left asscheek some time ago. Patrick really knew how to keep him. He smiled back at me then blew me a kiss as he left, pulling his tee over his head to cover his chest as he left the room.

Once I heard the front door slam I turned to the closet with a sly smile. "You can come out now." The wooden doors opened up slowly and out stepped Spencer, completely naked with two lubed fingers pushed up his ass and a ball gag between his pretty lips. Pushing Spencer on the bed where Pete just fucked me, I batted his hand away and mounted him. Patrick had inspired me and now it was time for my fun.
Tags: fall out boy, fic, panic! at the disco, pete wentz, pete wentz/ryan ross, ryan ross, slash
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