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Oh the shippiness, the shippiness!

My day didn't start till half eleven this morning, cause of the training day, he he.
So I've been at kel's most of the day. We talked and mocked for a bit before playing Nightfire. I love it! I'm always Elektra and always have to kill Christmas, I dunno why but she just annoys me. I always go after the sentinals (which fire guided missiles).

Then we watched two Ent eps: Impluse and Twilight.

Aka the zombie Vulcan episode. As I watched this I kept noticing the similarities between this and the Resident Evil film. Especially when they had to cross over them at the end.
Crazy T'Pol was really cool! Thinking everyone was trying to kill her, and strangling Archer in sickbay! he he Archer clearly cares for her, as displayed in the bed squence and his insistance that the Trelium D must not be used cause of its affect on T'Pol. Malcolm and Hawkins seemed to share a moment when they looked at each other on the pod. So sweet.
Trip and Travis also seemed to be overly friendly on their little mission together. Ah but I digress. All in all it was good. Better then I thought it would be.:) But does T'Pol really need 2 outfits an ep now???

Aka the Alternate Universe episode. I love AU eps! And this was no exception. Since everyone was in this i'll go though the character list. Although everyone died at the end.
Archer: I felt sorry for him, losing his memory, so sad :(
T'Pol: Why didn't she tell him she loved him, it was so obvious that she loved him, or else why would she stay with him? Although her in a Starfleet uniform felt so wrong.
Trip: Clearly him and Reed have been shagging over the past 12 years. :P But I couldn't quite believe him as a Captain, but he was still hot, how come he didn't age?
Reed: WTF is with the beard?!? Sorry it just freaks me out. And he's a Captain, not a surprise.
Hoshi: She looked like Cutler :(
Travis: He died, (surprise, surprise) too bad Trip couldn't shag him :)
Phlox: Hippie! Hippie! Why did that alien follow him anyway...

Anyway that's all for now :D
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