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Totally and utterly unashamed to be who he is

So, went to the doctor and they said it's ok to take Nurofen, so I will after eating.

Last night was spent not doing much really, but most nights are like that. I wrote a coupla paragraphs, rped, listened to cute rambles and Janeyfers said something really sweet. We got some more pepsi too.

I hope to have fic posted soon.

Finally The Used album is on it's way. Took em long enough.

I got my zebra to order Madina's single for me for the free signed photocard with the preorder. I swear I'm starting to get overly Madina obsessed cause when I looked in Kerrang I squeed about the tour, mostly as I had a ticket before seeing it in Kerrang.

This week's Kerrang isn't much special though. Apart from the perdy Good Charlotte poster (with a kinky Hellogoodbye one behind it).

We went to Blockbuster after the doctor, but it was a bit eh this week. Got V For Vendetta and Jelly Beans so it's all good. And I got The Grudge Extended from the supermarket.

I still wanna see Snakes On A Plane.

Hugs are nice, I like hugs.

I can't believe it's already been a week. It's so surreal and... I dunno.
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