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Nothing to do with anything

I got an alright sleep: until I was woke by the phone and now the headache's back. It didn't help that I had to be over the road for phone calls all morning. It also doesn't help that mum seems intent on stressing me more (by insisting that the phone's cut off and the beds are moved before Friday). What's she trying to do, kill me too?

I've called the doctor, so I'm going tomorrow. Means a trip to Blockbuster after it. Let's hope I don't get the Jelly Beans and drugs mixed up.

I wrote something last night that I actually like, so that's a start.

I forgot that Diamond/Pearl's out here now. Anyone need help with it then I shall try.

I love pictures like this:

Guess why.

My mind does not seem to register that Cancer is Cancer until about a quarter of the way through. Stupid mind.
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