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Something about a brush

I've had hardly any sleep lately, mostly due to terrible headaches. Trouble is I can't take any of the regular stuff for em, cause most of it has penicillin in it and I'm allegic. When I do sleep I always have dreams that I mostly can't rememeber, or nightmares that I try to forget.

I might go to the doctor about it, though we seem to think it's stress induced.

I was gonna try and write today, but we had to go over and keep an eye on Danny so I didn't. I rearranged my Star Wars stuff instead, which is a bitch cause there's not enough stands.

I've been on Pokemon Ranger and Hotel Dusk today. On Ranger I'm at an annoying as hell Steelix and on Dusk I'm questioning the oh-so-pretty Jeff. Jeff/Louis/Hyde < 3 Honestly, why's there no slash yet hmmm?

Apparently Danny hasn't been eating lately. That makes me sad.

I'm gonna commit to paper some notes for Friday soon. I keep trying to think what to say.

We're fairly sure we're getting the hosue, so on Saturday onwards we're gonna start moving stuff about. After that I'll sort the fish tank and get some fish. So if I'm offline for a few it's cause internet's moved.

Over summer I'm gonna do un-stressful things once we've moved. I've got a short list so far. It's pretty much watching Star Wars and playing the last 4 Zelda console games.

Would it kill Mikey to smile?

Whatever happened to Robot Wars?

Cookiees for anyone that can give me a pic of Patrick minus clothing.

Oatcake=< 3

I'm gonna try write tonight, possibly tomorrow too. I've 10 open so I'm gonna look through and see what comes to mind.
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