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Well that's just maddeningly unhelpful

So Bob and Gerard are engaged, (and no one can change my mind). Why do I think this? Well here's a list:
*Gerard's not specified the person's gender
*Bob first said it was a 'friendship ring'
*Gerard's the one wearing the ring (obviously the girl in the relationship)
*Mikey's not there
*There's nothing to say it's NOT Bob

I'd tottally write something about it if I wasn't so blah (though saying that, I'll probably do a very, very short one).

Last night was perhaps the best night sleep I've had in days. Normally I've been waking up at 7 something and been unable to get back to sleep, but today I woke at 9 and managed to sleep again. That's good.

I might say something next week. I've told mum I want to but I'm not sure what yet.

The skip button is my friend on media player, to avoid certain songs.

I'm gonna see what people posted last night now.
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