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Up is down

I ache all over now, but I'm glad I do. Aching physically is a good thing. Today I ventured into the outside world.

We went to Walsall and Birmingham, which in normal circumstances I'd say would be crazy, but this isn't normal is it? We went at 11 and only just got back.

From Walsall I got:
*Empire (The R2 cover, there's no way in hell I can get all 30, sadly)
*Special Nintendo Pokemon magazine (which makes me feel old despite the stickers)
*Another unicorn (called Jay/Floofeh)
*Pokemon Ranger
*Star Wars minis
*A Star Wars Clone Pilot figure

From Birmingham I got:
*A plain black tee
*Black Parade silver trousers
*Two Friends boxsets from Gamestation (one with a shit box that makes me sad)
*Best Of Buffy dvd
*More Star Wars minis
*A Mustafarian Sentry figure
*Pete poster

I'd go into more detail, but I'm so tired. The two most important lots of things though, are the Madina Lake ticket (which made me so happy inside) and some jewellery that mum gave me the money for. The Jewellery's a matching bracelet/necklace set and it's from money let by grandad so mum said to think of it as something to remember them both by. She was pushing for me to get a gold watch, but I knew it wouldn't suit me at all. There was a free earring set, so I might get my other ear pierced.

Little things set me off into a daze. It didn't help that the buses we were on passed a herse and crematorium. Also, in Pirates, when Will's dad said the same thing twice, that made me so sad.

Onto Pirates though. It was brilliant I think and it made me (mostly) forget what was going on. Jack's so funny and multiple ones is < 3. I like Elizabeth's outfits. And Will at the end. I didn't like the Lord Beckett guy at all (why hasn't there been a fic where Will Beckett is his son or something?). I'd do a better post about it, but tiredness makes me not want to.

There's some trouble with the will. Grandad didn't get it changed anytime soon and it's written for everything to go to nan. Cause nan's in the home and not in a fit state of mind, we don't know what's happening. I think we deserve most of it, especially mum. All the time nan was sick and getting worse, my uncle and his family never came or even offered to help. It was all mum and me. Even when nan was put in the home he hasn't offered to take mum or anything. Mum's given up her whole life to take care of nan and grandad and he couldn't even come and visit once a week. Only when he realised grandad was dying did he start coming regularly. He deserves nothing.

I think the worst thing for me will be next week. The funeral's going to be the thing that hit's me hard I think. So I'm gonna need people's help to keep my spirits up. People can do that by the linking me/doing for me the following:
*Picspams with pretty boys or shiny things
*Fics, especially any with Madina, Sean, Jay, Patrick, Paul, Ray, Bob or any general group stuff
*Pictures of unicorns/llamas/fuzzy animals
*Anything Star Wars related
*Funny stuff

Thank you to everyone that's being nice, all your offers to talk and stuff mean so much and I think I will tomorrow/soon.
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