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Gone away

I've been staring at the update screen for awhile now and just... come up with nothing. A total blank.

And then LJ goes down.

Last night was just so... hard. Mum came back, obviously crying. She was there when it happened. She's not sure how she managed to stay, but she did.

Tuesday night he was calling out to nan. We think she'll know he's gone cause we think she might have heard him somehow. It breaks my heart to think of her reaction.

We're not sure if it was painless, but we hope so.

At least he's in a better place now.

The funeral's next Friday. I've gotta find a suit or something and get my haircut between now and then.

A large part of me is still not believing it and it's still not sunk in properly yet.

On Monday we're gonna probably start moving our stuff over there.

Tomorrow we're gonna go out to try and take my mind off it. We're gonna see Pirates like we were meant to, get unicorns and Star Wars stuff and sort some stuff for mum. Instead of just going to Walsall though, we're gonna go to Birmingham to get my ticket for Madina's headline tour, which is one of the little things that has made me feel slightly better.

Thank you so much to everyone that replied. I'm so glad I have so many people that care. It means so much to me and I'll reply to every single comment tonight.

Everyone that says I'm strong is wrong. I'd be a complete mess if my babu/zebra wasn't here to take care of me. She's staying at least two weeks more and I'm so glad. Her dad's sending more money up, including some for flowers.

I'm glad the purging crap is over now and LJ have realised their mistake and actually made an apology.
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