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Used to be my own protection

Things always manage to go worse don't they? The procedure didn't work for long and now there's just... nothing they can do. All that they're doing is giving him painkillers because that's all they can do.

It seems that the LJ purging thing has come to pass and I've managed to muster enough unbearable annoyance and rage to actually send something to LJ about it. I always thought/hoped that this purging crap was a rumor with no substance but that's all changed now. I hope they see sense before I return properly.

I've seen a lot of posts lately about LJ permenantly deleting and purging people and community's. At first it seemed to be just a fake rumor going around, but now it seems to be happening.

What exactly's going on? It's scary that innocent community's and people have just been deleted with no warning and I for one think that's wrong. I'm not the only one that thinks so.

I've heard that it's parents who are making you do this, but it's not your job to delete everything based on an interest. Sure, if the contents of the journal are illegal then yeah, delete it, but don't just get rid of this things based on interest alone. Actually take the time to see what the journal is before you get rid of it completely else you're getting rid of gods knows how many innocent people for no reason.

A lot of people are terrified about getting deleted, even though they've done absolutely nothing wrong. Don't just give in to these people who want everything deleted because most of what's being gone are things to do with fanfic/fandom and or rp, not real things.

And now, I go again.
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