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I think I've just used up the last bit of my level headness.

Last night he went to the hospital and it seemed like everything would be ok. They were gonna flush out the clot and change tubes and keep an eye on him. A few hours after mum called saying that, I got another call from her. A call saying he's took a turn for the worse and that she'll be going back to the hospital. Hours after that I call her and find he's in something like intensive care and he was stable.

That enabled me to get some sleep.

This morning I was woke by another calling, saying that mum was going to see was going to see what was happening. About two hours after that I got another call (yeah, a lot of calls right?) and she told me things have gotten worse. His kidneys are gone and he's hooked up to all these tubes and stuff. Mum doesn't think he has too long.

I'm packing to go over to his house to look after the pet's and just... wait really. Well, I haven't been the one packing at all because I'm not really... I dunno.

I just called the Job Centre to tell them I wouldn't be in Monday and they say not to worry about it and are putting in 'crisis money' now. Fuck knows what that means.

I'm gonna go now.
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