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Are you alone in here?

So, everything is fucking up again. The doctor's are so so fucking useless. They changed his catheter and a few days back and it's made him have a blood clot. Now this happened awhile back so you'd think they'd have the sense to leave it as it was, but no they think they know better.

So he's gone to hospital again.

The whole family was over there when I went (as soon as mum told me an ambulence was coming to pick him up). It was the first time we'd all been in one place for well over a year.

For a few minutes I was left upstairs with him and his breathing was really loud, but then it went so quiet I couldn't hear and thought he'd gone. I'd never been so scared in my life.

Then I decided to sit on the top of the stairs and I heard crying downstairs. It was my cousin Larissa, who's the youngest and who I haven't seen in ages. Hearing her cry set me off too.

It took ages for the ambulence to come, well over an hour Stupid hospital. At least he's in a closer one then before.

We got a memory book thing for nan to put photos in for nan, so I decided to look through it. It's got pictures of all of us from years ago. Looking through them there's more pictures of me then any of my cousins (and most of the ones my cousins are in I'm in too). It's strange seeing me when I was small and with short hair.
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