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Angel this and angel that

Stuff like this makes me squee in joy It looks like it'll be the best think ever (certainly in 08 anyway). I wish I could cap it. Anyone can? I hope Kit's in it. He should be cause they shown Plo Koon and another Jedi (Mace perhaps?). I'm glad Ventress and Grievous are in it. I'll watch again soon.

I'm sure no one's ever expected to see a Darth Vader helmet with gay pride on it but here one is

Hotel Dusk is a very involving game. Jeff's very perdy and it has the most involved and inventive use of the touchscreen that I've seen so far.

My e-bay invoice still hasn't come. The postage's wrong cause e-bay's miscalculated it so I can't send any money yet.

Watched Saw with mum, but she didn't like it.

I've got a list of things to keep me distracted/going. Stuff like Star Wars, Pokemon, rants, rp and writing.

Fics I have open:
Dead! (Standalone, Frakie/Spencer, about 70% complete)
Untitled Frankie/Billy/Paul (Standalone, about 20% complete)
Pretty People Never Lie (Standalone (Gerard/Mikey, Gerard/Bob, about 70% complete)
Piggy (Standalone, Gerard/Ray, Gerard/Mikey, about 30% complete)
My Body Is your Body (Multi-part, Part 3, Ryan/Spencer, about 10% complete)
Pandora (Multi-part, Part 2, Matthew/Sean, about 10% complete)

Once those are done, I'll do the other multi-part ones (such as, Hungry Eyes, Obsession and What To Do With The Dead) and others I've mentioned before, plus some new random's I have in mind (like Madina fic).

There's some which might not be finished though. These are:
All the Mcfly ones
Cause I See You Lying Next To Me (Oli/Tom)
Deaf And Dumb (Pete/Frankie/others)
Tie Me To A Chair (Danny/Dave)

I might also do a list of possible book ideas.

Would anyone want a Madina slash comm?
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