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Lies and hypocrites

I've been up about 10 minutes and feel like a ramble, so ramble I shall. This one's all about Bert. I'm really, really, really sick of him.

In the two most The Used interviews I've read/skimmed, he says he no longer wants to say anything about Gerard/MCR. Just when I'm about to breathe a sigh of relief over it, I then read at his last show he keeps making things about Gerard. Can't he stick to something for longer then 5 seconds? If he says he's got nothing to say then he should stop saying things. If he had even half a brain he'd realise that at least 50% of their fanbase is also into MCR. Now, why would anyone in their right mind (though if Bert's ever been in the right mind is questionable) want to try and make piss off most of their fans?

Don't get me wrong, I love The Used, I think their new albums the best of the three they've done and I'll see them live when all this shit stops (and when they decide to tour here). The trouble is though it doesn't seem to ever want to stop.

If Bert doesn't want any MCR references then fine, they can just stop playing Take It Away and stop all this crap. Also he should realise that MCR aren't reacting to this at all. They don't seem to care and maybe that's what's bothering him the most.

It takes a lot of me to hate a band I like (though pretty much being homophobic is a sure way to make me hate any band, though thta's oinly happened to a band I liked once), but Bert keeps pushing it and it pisses me off. I'm sure it does other people too.

And the rant is over now. I'll probably do more rants as it helps me vent.

I think I'll try writing at some point later. Probably finishing one of the one's I've done a lot to.

I bought some stuff off e-bay yesterday and once I get the exact amount to send (cause e-baya's a bitch at calculating p+p) I'll send a cheque.
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