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Hiding in a safe place

I'd like to start with what I've said before. Thank you to everyone that replied to the last post, it means so much to me.

Today's been odd. I got very little sleep last night, so I woke up at 7. Mum called soon after and told be to be over there at half 8 while she went to sort some bank stuff/shopping. So I was there for a few hours, half asleep and soon in the company of one of my annoying cousins. Several hours later, one of the others come, plus my aunt and uncle. I absolutely hate that side of my family. They're annoying, don't like me and always have everything they want. For example, when I was last there, they had two PS2's with 10ish games each.


Grandad's been a little better today I think. He's eaten for the first time in weeks and been out of bed, but he still looks terrible.

Went to the Garden Centre this afternoon and we spent a lot on sweets. I want a new fish tank so I can have some of the pretty fish I saw. For just over a fiver I could get about 10 fish, mostly tetras.

I didn't go much on tonight's Doctor Who. I didn't think I would anyway though, the storyline just didn't appeal to me.

On Tuesday we'll be seeing Pirates.

I've decided I'll be staying here permenantly. This is my home, not down south.

I think I'll smoke now, all the ones I had last night have made me crave.
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