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Pandora Part 1

Pairing: Matthew Leone/Patrick Stump, Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matthew
Notes: Ok, this started off as a songfic, but then I decided not to use the lyrics. It also started off as being Matthew/the dancer, but I added this and decided to make it a two-parter instead of a standalone like it was gonna be. This is my first fic in awhile (and my first since all everything fucked up) so I hope it's ok.
Dedciations: Everyone that reads, as well as everyone that's been there this past few weeks. Especially antontobias886 shebangsthedrum and mrsvandertramp

The strip joint was as it always was, filled of smoke and males of various ages. Some of them were my age, some were younger then me, while others looked easily old enough to be my father. as I gazed over the crowd I recognised some of the faces, but only the ones which had the least forgettable faces. Like the sightly dark skinned guy that always sat at a table to hide his considerable weight. Or the one who had dark curly hair that was almost as big as his head. Or even the one who made sure his jeans always hung low enough so that the gun tattoos on his hips were always partially visible.

Often I wondered if I came here too much, but I dismissed it. I knew some of them had someone waiting for them back home, just like I did. I also knew that some of them would leave hhim with a hard-on and if they didn't then that was only because they'd been pleasured before they left. Sometimes I'd been the one doing the pleasuring.

I combed my fingers through my hair as I made my way through the crowd to one of the tables. The dancer I wanted to see wouldn't be on for another hour or so yet and by then the crowd would have dissipated considerably. I slipped into the unoccupied seat next to the large male I'd spotted earlier because no one ever seemed to want to seat beside him. The seat offered a pretty good view of the nearest pole, where a boy with heavy make-up and sharp hips gyrated against a pole. He looked like he was just a teenager too, with a tiny black thong as the only piece of clothing on his slender frame. "Why are sitting there?" A soft voice came from beside me and I new it was the guy I'd sat beside.

"To enjoy the sights big boy." I glanced at him and licked my lips, sliding a hand beneath the table to trail up his leg. He gazed at me curiously and I could tell he didn't understand why I'd actually be doing this to a guy like him. My fingers traced little pattens over his thigh. I didn't care about his chubby belly or strange sideburns at all. Some would be repulsed by it and it was likely that most did, but it didn't bother me at all. "I'll blow you if you let me stay here." He let out a sound that was cross between a moan and a purr, which I accepted to mean yes. I smiled and moved my hand to his bulge, feeling his hardness underneath his pants. "What's your name?"

"Patrick." His accent was American, despite the name conjuring up images of drunken Irish men. "What's yours?"

"Matthew." I replied with a smile, massaging his sizeable cock with my palm. "You like watching Pansy over there?" I nodded back at the slim pole dancer, who was now arching his back. I knew all the boy's stage names and most of them began with P. "Is that what's making the huge cock I feel rock hard?" I leaned in close to his ear as he whimpered, his length twitching inside his pants. "Or is it me?"

He seemed to surpress a moan, which didn't tell me much either way, although I had a feeling it was both of us equally. I could tell he was shy and probably not used to the sort of attention I was giving him. He turned his head slightly to face me, his eyes shining slightly as he pushed up against my hand. Clearly he was desperate for more. I smiled at him as I unzipped his fly slowly, eager to stroke his aching length. "P... please..."

I nodded and moved under the table, slowly stroking his length. For a few moments I just watched as I stroked at his pulsating erection, his sticky precum coating my fingers. I leaned closer to his dick head, extending my tongue to lap at his leaking slit. I heard him purr above me over the sound of the music as I took his head between my lips. He was obviously a very loud person, as he groaned above and I wondered if he was this vocal in bed. Of course I wouldn't find out, but it was something to think about. I opened his jeans more to expose his crotch and thighs. I settled my hands on his thick thighs, as I sucked the first few inches into my mouth. He tasted different to my lover, but then every dick I'd had tasted slightly different. Patrick's length tasted saltier then normal and also slightly unwashed. I'd had far worse though and I still loved his taste.

I tightened my lips around him as I slowly pulled back until just his head rested on in my mouth. I pressed the soft muscle of my tongue against his sensitive slit, flicking it over it so I could collect more of his precum. I purred around him as I went back down on him, taking about half his shaft into my mouth this time. I thumbed his balls lightly as I swallowed him, holding his hips down with both hands when he bucked them up. I tuned out the music and the sounds he was making above and just focussed on getting my lips to the base of his dick. Steadily my mouth sank down his throbbing hardness, while my hands kept his hips still. Once I'd deep throated him he could fuck my face all he wanted, but for now I wanted control of the situation. One of his hands was now under the table, working it's way into my blonde and black hair. He started stroking my hair slowly, but I knew he'd soon bury my fingers between my locks to move my head. His curly pubic hair was now tickling my nose so I almost had him fully inside my throat and mouth. I slipped my lips down to the base, lapping at the underside of his length lightly. I breathed through my nose, allowing myself a few seconds to adjust to the feeling of his dick before starting to slowly bob up and down. His fingers gripped onto my hair now, pulling me up and down his length at the speed he wanted. I moved hands from his hips to cup his balls now, allowing him to thrust as hard, fast and rough as he needed to get off, which probably wouldn't take long now. I squeezed his soft sac, tightening my lips around him again as his shaft fucked my throat. I'm sure if it wasn't for the music, the whole club would hear his moans.

His balls went up into his body slightly and I readied myself as I heard him howl my name seconds before the back of my throat was hit by a flood of his cum. I struggled to swallow his salty load as I moved so just his spurting head was left in my mouth, bringing my right hand up to stroke the base of his saliva-slick shaft. I purred against him as I gulped down the last of what he had to offer, his length starting to soften in my palm. I moved back off him, planting kisses on his shaft, balls and thighs then moved back, zipping him up.

"Have fun?" I asked him as iI slide back up into the seat beside him.

"Wow... you were amazing." His voice was slightly breatheless and his face was flushed. He was panting softly too, his chest rising and falling every few seconds.

"Thank you." I leaned in close and kissed his cheek. "You were good too."

"Do you want me to do anything for you?" His eyes were on the bulge in my jeans and I knew what he was implying. Most likely a quick hand job, though perhaps he'd go down on me instead.

"No, I'll be fine." I smiled at him, noting that Pansy had left his pole while I was down there. "But you can watch." I unzipped my fly, pulling out my length and stroking at the hard, rigid flesh. All the while his eyes were on me, his gaze clearly lustful telling me that he desperately wanted to get more involved. With my free hand I took one of his and placed it beneath mine on my balls. "Stroke them." He nodded slightly and I purred as his fingers lightly stroked me. For his touch I could feel he was shy and probably hadn't done anything with another guy which made me feel better about not having him between my legs. I had no desire to have my dick bitten. I stroked myself steadily, slowly building up speed. I knew that I wouldn't be the only one shooting when I came. Back in our bed, my twin brother Nathan's cock would shoot inside his boxers. Most people only thought that twin's felt each other's pain, but we also came together. I found that out when I first jacked myself off and Nathan, who was in the same room, arched his hips at the same time I did. When we became teen's we started exploring each other's bodies and we'd been together ever since. Although I came to places like this and he probably didn't.

I was so lost in thought, I didn't realise I'd sped up and was almost close to the edge until I felt sticky precum leak out of me. Also I registered that an empty glass was now being held above my erection by Patrick. No doubt he was wanting to drink whatever I produced rather then merely lap it up off my fingers. He wouldn't be the first guy that I'd known that wanted to do that. I groaned softly, thrusting my hips up as I went over the edge, shooting my thick load into the glass. After a few seconds he moved it as the last of my cream trickled down to coat my fingers. I panted softly, bringing my fingers to my lips to suck them clean as he moved his fingers away from my balls, drinking what I'd filled the glass with.

After he drained the contents of it, his eyes affixed on my mouth suckling my fingertips clean he set the glass down and spoke. "You taste nice."

"I know." I purred and, with my now clean fingers, zipped myself back up. I checked my watch and smiled to myself. There was still ten minutes to spare before the boy I'd wanted to see came on. I settled back in the seat beside Patrick, deciding to myself that here would be the perfect place to watch my favourite dancer.
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