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Let this battle commence, one more time

I feel the urge to do a post before I write (and later go on Harvest Moon), so here it is.

I downloaded Lies For The Liars, but only cause my Special Edition is on preorder and I can't wait until it arrives (whenever the crap that is). I haven't listened to it properly yet though.

I had a Paul with boobs dream

I had to take my tv over the road again so grandad can now watch the football. My cousin was over there but he's such an arse (apparently he's been talking to underage girls and meeting with them).

Got Kerrang and did the lottery for mum, though one of the other week's tickets won £20 so I'm keeping that. I got a Star Wars comic and stocked up on Pepsi with it (I haven't had it in far too long).

Onto Kerrang. Bert plus needles and straightjackets is hot. It's kinda disturbing his thoughts on friendship though. Sometimes I wonder if he'll end up with no one one day. I prefer Quinn being blonde then this new hair. The who do they think they are amuses me though. Bert being a transvestite is an image that'll stay with me for days. (Next week there's a poster of the shoot which is good). I hate Omar's new hair (get it back to old style please). Pete's at least kissed guys. And he's had balls in his mouth. He's such a slut.

I like Matt Heafy from Trivium. He's against homophobia and thinks that using the bible for an excuse for it is bad. I respect him more.

the best thing is the posters, Ian looks hot in the Lostprophets one and Madina's is the hottest picture I've seen of them so far. Though there's so few pics that's not ssaying too much. Matthew's just.. guh in it.

Ok, off to write now.

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