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All just victims of love

So today we went off to see Good Charlotte, but we went at half 3 not half 2 like I thought. Anyway, Tommy's ok, so the foxes didn't get him. I was worried cause we hadn't seen him.

The trip was ok, but trip's normally are. We looked around shops, got Big Cheese (the MCR poster is pretty much Gerard, with Mieky rocking out in the background) and had a Mcdonalds. Also got stickers and I got zebra some too and a unicorn.

I saw some things in Forbidden Planet that I want (like the Legacy comic and other Star Wars stuff). Which reminds me, on Friday I'll be offline finally doing the Star Wars run for the 30th Anniversary. All 6 films and the Clone Wars.

I still have to read the Umbrella Academy

Anyway, onto the gig. The queue was the longest I'd ever seen for the Academy. It went down the street and around the corner all the way into the car park. The line went further behind us though.

Inside, I got a tee and poster. Zebra got a sticker and badge set too.

After wandering around the venue for a few, we settled on a place at Billy's side of the stage. Now we were at the side, near where all the speakers and equipment was, so we only had about a meter gap to see the stage so we msised what the set looked like seeing Dean and probably some slashiness. Instead though, we got Billy's ass for 50% of the show, which is a fair trade I think. During the whole show there was a lot of eye contact betwen the four of them, and some cuddles. Joel put his arm around Paul and Benji cuddled Paul. The most slashy thing though was that Paul came to our side of the stage and humped Billy.

Joel's new hair is good. I like it. Paul was sweaty during the whole show, which was very very hot. Yes I think Paul's the hottest. Paul's also very bouncy.Benji had a hat on (to hide his bad hair). Billy's hair hasn't changed, which is good cause it was perfect. Billy's keyboard/guitar playing was so cool, especially when he played both within 5 seconds of each other. The twin's voices are scarily alike and I kinda couldn't understand them. Mostly cause they interrupted each other. They played some songs off each album, so it wasn't mostly new stuff like I expected. They played Victims Of Love though, so I'm happy. I thought it was a brilliant show, perhaps better then I expected. It was the fullest I've seen the place too.

I got a poster outside, cause Paul's smiling in it.

The trip back was ok, apart from a drunk outside that looked like a zombie.

Tomorrow's Kerrang cover makes me all squeally inside. It's got The used all in white looking hot and there's a poster of Madina and Matthew's face looks guh (though his is the only one shown so...).

I've downloaded several albums, including Poison The Well cause I see them everywhere but haven't heard them.

All my Pokemon on Pearl have Pokerus.

Seeing GC tonight has made me wanna finish the Frankie/Billy/Paul fic even more. I crave Paul fic if anyone has links.
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