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Into oblivion

It seems my posts are becoming more sporadic for some reason. Yesterday was spent doing not a lot. I did write just over a paragraph though, which is progress I guess. I'll do more tonight cause I feel I've gotta finish something before Good Charlotte.

Good Charlotte which is tomorrow so from 3ish I'll be in Birmingham, wandering around aimlessly for the concert to start.

Last night we heard foxes fight outside. I'd never heard anything lik eit before(and at first we thought it was the tv) but I went out and saw one of them running off. Outside was kitty Tommy's sister Lily, who'd been sitting on the fence watching them, so I took her in to make sure she'd be alright. After spending sometie here she became a lot less skittish then normal and actually settled down.

I spent the night on the coach so I could hear the door go. Funeral's album came this morning, but no sign of The Used's. I've resisted the urge to hear the album online yet, but is it any good?

In a few I'm gonna go over the road to see how things are and then Cannock for the bloody Job Centre. I hate it, it's so pointless.
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