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Cosmic power for the win

Last night on Jonathon Ross they showed a bit of Captain Jack's return to Doctor Who. It was so eee! But bad Doctor for seeing him and purposely trying to leave him behind.

Pingu's so cute and funny.

I wrote a bit last night, but thought it was crap, deleted it, reworded it and deleted it again. Then I started again.

Mum's annoying. Moan moan moan. As if everything's my fault, it's not. I pulled out the phone cause she pisses me off so much.

Today's been spent not doing much, being in bed, getting Tango, being on Pokemon and Doctor Who. I'm now almost ready for the last gym, though Palkia was so very annoying.

Tommy's been with us all afternoon, mostly curled up on a bed. He's so so adorable.

Onto Doctor Who ramblings. This weeks ep reminded me a lot of the second ep The End Of The World and Sunshine. The ship itself reminded me of the Redemption from Empire Strikes Back due to the long corridor. It was quite a perdy ship though, on the outside anyway.

I thought the ep was good, one of the better ones so far methinks, though this series has been quite good. The Doctor admitting he was scared for once was slightly unsettling, but proved how bad the whole thing was. The masks that the 'infected' wore reminded me of Vader (causa the sounds they made). Yay for Martha getting a key at last.

I still hate her mother and now her with Saxon's people makes me not like her more.

Next week's looks odd. I dunno if I'll like it or not yet, even though the Doctor's screaming.
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