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That's not a knife it's a spoon

Why does mum feel the need to make three phone calls when one would've been enough?

Sigh, her logic is just... I've no idea.

Last night wasn't so bad. Well, apart from him falling over (though he was ok which was good) and me remembering stuff.

There was a film/program that I half watched, but there was a killer in it and what he did to the girl before killing her interested me. He cut off bits of her skin and had her on one of those vibrating hotel beds.

I'm now past the 7th gym on Pokemon and in Fall on Harvest Moon. I'm addicted to both and if I could I'm sure I'd do them both at the same time. All my 'mon are at 42 and in Harvest Moon I've been giving Nami grapes almost every day.

Again, I look at fic rather blankly, though I wanna do something so I'll try later, after the film maybe.

Sleepy Hollow's on now. Johnny Depp's so cool and cute in it.

Tomorrow I'm going to Cannock, to go to the bank and get food.
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