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House of cards

Today's been, well shit.

I've been up since 10 to 9, which is far too early.

A good point was having Tommy in and cuddling him.

Then we took Danny for a walk and he insisted on pulling insanely so I was constantly dragged the whole way on the crappy lead that can't extend.

We went to Cannock to find the money wasn't in yet. Crap. It means I've gotta call them up tomorrow. I saw 6 things that I'd have bought if the money was in (including the Funeral and Linkin park albums). Zebra got me Mcdonalds, Rock Sound and some Zelda badges though. I'm going again Friday.

However, the worst thing of all was before I went. I had to pick up a perscription for grandad and as I was waiting mum came in. They'd had a call from the doctor apparently and so she knew more. It's in his ribs. That's very bad (to say the least) as if it spreads, it can easily go to practically EVERY vital organ (bar the brain).

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