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Looped back around

I had another guy-with-boobs dream. This time it was Jay. Do you think it means anything?

So far I've dreamed about the following with boobs:
Bob Bryar (twice at least)
Frankie Iero (twice at least)
Gerard Way (twice at least)
Jay James
Omar Abidi (not much of a stretch I know)
Paul Thomas (ditto)
Ray Toro (twice at least)
Ryan Ross
Sean Smith
Spencer Smith


I'm very much a procrastinator. Lately all I've done is play Pokemon. Now I've got four badges so yay < 3 Fog is annoying.

I started Harvest Moon last night. It's odd, I'm not used to shops being on the phone only. I spent the first few days trying to find the shops and wondering why I was finding fuck all. I already decided which chick I like best. She's Nami and she's got that butch look to her.

Tomorrow is Cannock. It's not only to check money, but also to get Funeral For A Friend and Linkin Park's albums if said money's in there.

I considered writing last night, but outta the six fics I had open I came up with a blank for them all. Still, I'll try again later.
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