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One of you suceeded

I did forget at least one of the fics last night, so I added it now.

Today, we went to Walsall/the cinema. The bad thing was I had no money in the bank yet, so had to leech. :( Still, though, I got two Star Wars figs (including the concept Fett) and Harvest Moon DS (which looks s'cutes < 3). Also my zebra got two Wii mags, which I'll be looking through properly later. Especially the one with Resident Evil info in.

I hope to get Final Fantasy III in a few, probably next month. It looks so cool and cute < 3

Anyway, we saw 28 Weeks Later (though I keep saying Days) and Spiderman 3.

28 Weeks had a few trailers, the best of which being Hostel Part II (even though it was the shortest). I can't remember the rest though :[

What did I think about it? I liked it (though I wish Cillian had been in it). It was gory, which was yay! My mind's truly twisted though as I thought about lesbianism and incest during it. Sigh. Americans can't control anything can they? Their answer for things is to either lock people up (in a room that's not even secure) or shoot them (or burn them, use bioweapons on them, napalm them etc). Shame the army guy died though.

YAY WE KILLED THE FRENCH! I'll buy the dvd.

Spiderman 3 had more memorable trailers. Namely Shrek The Third (which looks sooo funny < 3), The Simpsons Movie (which is also funny, perhaps moreso) and Pirates 3 (which makes me squee cause Captain Jack is love!). I'll be seeing at least the last two.

Ok thoughts on Spiderman 3. Well, I still hate Mary-Jane (can't she die already?) and it did seem a tiny tad long (though that was due to an urge to pee the last half hourish). Harry and Peter totally did it (WHY DID HE DIE??) Dark!Spiderman was better then normal one. I thought Venom would be in it way more then he was. What's with his uber-long tongue? shoving up people's asses? (again, why did he die?)

I might buy the dvd. Possibly.

We ended up stuck in Walsall till 8, but we had Mccdonalds which is good. Thoough I've missed most of the Eurovision. Damn.

Edit: Anyone got the 28 Days Later Soundtrack?
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