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All full of lies

So we were gonna go out today, but decided not to. It's a good job we didn't causa the rain... and us sleeping late by us I mean, of course, me.

We've spent the time on Pokemon. We're both past the second gym and I have Drifloon which makes me happy < 3 I think I'll change my team a few more times. I have 3 part water Pokemon (1 becomes part steel, one part ground and the other is part normal already), two bug types (one part flying) and an electric.

I'm totally gonna order the Ambush On Ilum Battle Pack from R2Dtoys.

No I won't cut it, Jay's back is mmm < 3 (though I wish it wasn't damn watermarked).

Brent's underused, even though he's kinda hot. I might fic him with someone. (read might as will).

I'll see about writing later maybe.
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