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Hold fast hope

Ok, so now I know more then I did yesterday, but still, I know very little.

The cancer wasn't all gotten rid of like we thought (something which is scarily common). Instead, it's spread to his bones. Now, we don't know how bad it it is (mostly how far it's spread) and we don't know how aggressive it is either. This means we don't know how long he's got (except it's not weeks), but we known that there's a chance it might be controllable. Again though, we don't know what sort of a chance that is. All we can do is wait and see. Doctor's are gonna keep a check on him to see how bad it gets, but from what I can understand he'll be ok for the short term as long as it doesn't spread. If it gets to the major organs though then that's a different story.

He's coming out tonight.

Mum's worried that I might be bottling up how I feel, like I did when nan got bad. But I'm not sure how I feel.

The only thing I know is that my appetite's gone to shit so I've hardly been eating while I've been here.

Soon though, I won't be alone.
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