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Take to the skies

It's after 1 and there's been no call, so basically I've been up early for no reason. Now mum's gone to visit so a call might not even come at all.

As promised last night, here's thee picspam. Including MCR, Panic!, Madina and Patrick.

Look between your sofa cushions today and you too could find a Bert

Some bands are very easy to slash, but MCR is beyond easy (I mean just look at them, doesn't it scream hot-wild-sex-orgy?)

Yes it's an old pic, but's it's Gerard thrusting his hips in the direction of at least 2 guys (Mikey of course being one of them)

And now there's Mikey/Ray but it's subtle ya'see

Now, some would say that Gerard is the band whore, but Bob can clearly be that too

After blatently having had sex with Ray

With Gerard's arm around him (Gerard touching makes Bob's life)

Frankie's scared of him cause he knows Bob's gonna get rough

I can't find an obvious Bob/Mikey though I'm sure I have some somewhere

Anyway, back to the Bob/Ray.

Note the staring and general cuteness

Bob smoking=< 33 (well, breathing out anyway)

Ray staring in Bob's general direction
And the best one ever...

Ok, don't get distracted by the pretty that is Mikey look at the Bob. The tongue! And how Ray is blatantly staring at it < 3333

The facial expressions of the Bob



Pissed/gonna kill

Ray generally being hot

Ray handles deadly animals so don't mess with him or his fro

Gerard and Patrick hugging < 3

This is Maxxie from a Tv show here called Skins. Look at him! he's pretty. Plus he's gay in it which is better (though he was totally underused)

Perdy Tomo


Brendon gropes himself cause no one else will in his Black Paradeish outfit

Spencer!tongue < 33

Why is Brendon drumming? Is he angry at the drum?

Or is he just... odd?

Ryan looks like a tramp, Spencer's groping his own leg, Brendon's wearinga freaky scarf and Jon's asleep

Perdy Spencer

Dalek Sec is the coolest Dalek ever < 3

Dave reads! :O

Dave crossdresses as a nurse in his spare time (I like posting this pic so nyeh)

Which is good cause he can perform first aid on himself (though him+blood=guhhh)

Sean's BJ face < 3

This is Madina Lake, they have twins. Matthew (black bit) is the hotter one, nothing to do with the tie (honest)

Nathan is a monkey

From House Of Cards (I wish I had more pics). Mateo (guitar) reminds me of Harry for some reason...

The obligatory Jay from Bullet pic < 333

Patrick's cute sleeping < 3

He also has nice legs

And looks good wet

And just... mmmm

Plus he's so cuddly/chubby < 3
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