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Of course, it's my home

patricks_thighs makes me want to read Patrick porn, has anyone got links to good ones? (especially Patrick/Jon or Gerard/Patrick, or anything kinky)

I've actually edited one fic I'm working on so that Patrick's in it cause of it. (In fact changing it is working for the better cause the original guy isn't as well known and the description needs changing slightly) It made me realise I've never actually done a Patrick fic before and I'm not sure why.

Also it means I'm doing a load of Patrick icons which'll probably never be used.

I've spent tonight being oddly drained though I've done nothing all day (I woke 3 and the most I've done is go across a road twice), seriously I dunno what's wrong with me.

Anyway, I've gotta stay up all night, purely cause I might get a call from the hospital in the morning and I need to be up if it happens. So tonight I'm gonna write (block's gone sorta) and in the morning I'll do a random band picspam (which'll include Patrick, Gerard/Patrick touching up, Panic! and Ray among other things).

I might do a Bob/drumsticks fic at some point (though a Spencer/Ryan drumsticks one'll probably also come up, honestly I get these ideas too easily).

Tonight's American Dad had guys wih boobs. It instantly made me think of Mikey with boobs. Why do I get these thoughts?
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