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So I've decided to stop being on the mon so I don't get too invest in it. The ssweet honey thing works though... and the game outsmarted me with it. Good thing is though, I'll be able to get Drifloon without making a massive detour.

Another good thing is that it's meant I've had a chance to properly use and analyse some of the early game mon and decide which are worth using properly and which are shit. For example, when I play properly, Budew will be avoided like the plague. While I'll spent forever looking for another Shinx.

I'll say a few things for it now, the graphics are pretty amazing nd it's very colourful as always. The new mon are so adorable, especially the bunny one, the pink Lapras-like one and the white squirrel (yes I can't be arsed checking the names and getting pictures). The bike confuses the crap outta me and the poektech, while cool, has some odd apps. I like the underground.

Ok, I'll stop with the ramble now :[

I've been up about an hour and a half. Means I'm pretty much back on my now-normal 6-3 sleeping pattern.

Today is a cold day. My feet are like ice.

I'm gonna see if block's cleared up, then consider moving some things around here for when zebra comes cause there's no room.

Edit: I've changed the add me info thing slightly.
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