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Unicorns! Umbrellas! Vulture Droids! Piplup! Cake!

Thank you to everyone who commented on the last post. I'm going to have a nap for a few, then I read through them properly, but it makes me smile that so many have chosen to comment over it.

Today has made me feel better in some ways (though coming back to see them mocking again resulted in me in wisely leaving the place).

However, having to be outside before 9am was not good. Neither was the temperature change from freezing cold to oven hot.

Because I'm so tired I'll just bullet point the best now.

The Good
*Finding the comic book place (after looking in compeletely the wrong place, damn google maps) and getting one of the last Umbrella Academy's (though I paniced when I couldn't seee at first)
*Mum being nice for once (I think she picked up on my emotional state)
*Said mum getting me a walking Vulture Droid mini from the comic book place
*Gettting a unicorn thing from a carity shop (it's one of those kid things like a horse's head on astick and they pretend it's real) I've called it Bob and it plays music (I squeed as soon as I saw it)
*The whole of Stafford living in the past and playing Darren Hayes and Blue
*A pretty masqurade mask that reminded me of Panic!, which was read with a feather and so sparkly (sadly not for sale though)
*Getting the last book in Smiths for my Zebra
*Bean wraps
*Squelling at something in a game shop and getting one for me and one for Zebra (clue's in the title)
*Lots of cute/hot guys
*Grandad looking better slightly
*Mum being nice
*Playing good music on repeat on the i-pod, including being able to listen to MCR
*Mum recognising Gerard's name
*Mum buying a 'Ryan hat' for 50p
*I got new trainers < 3 (cause my old ones are falling apart)

The Not So Good
*The sun, oh dear fuck the sun
*Having to walk back from Cannock
*No test results yet (and won't be till Tuesday at least) though me and mum suspect stomach cancer
*The DS running out of power
*Constantly loosing my tamagotchi
*Missing the first five mins of Dr Who
*Loosing the DS stylus, again
*Finding out that there's worse places then fuckyou_mcr
*Having only an hour's seleep in 24 hours

Doctor Who
*The best part about tonight's was the trailer at end, with Captain Jack < 3
*The Doctor's so cute at liking being called a geek (and having to ask what it means)
*Martha's mum's a bitch
*I think that guy working for Saxon told her the that causa the Doctor Martha's cousin died (ala the chick who died in the Dalek/Cybermen fight)
*Martha's smarter then Rose
*I liked tonight, but not as much as I thought I would

As I said, I'm going to rest my eyes for a bit now. I'll be back in an hourish to read/comment on the comments.
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