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Bring them here

I've had a strange day and now my head is warm but my feet are cold. Bahh.

Happy Star Wars Day (cause I was dim and didn't notice before :[). May The Forth Be With You.

I won't be alone for much longer. On Sunday my zebra's coming up. A full two weeks early< 3 Which is good cause I'll have company, but bad cause there's nowhere to sit other then the computer chair. Eep.

I hope I'll have some more money tomorrow. I get the feeling the Comic book might always have si-fi stuff or will have the Legacy Comics I'm collecting (or Infinities... or Knights Of the Old Republic). Plus I'm not sure if you have to buy something to get free comics on free comic book day. I guess we'll see.

I think I'll watch Empire tonight. I was humming the music from it earlier. Still, at least I can't say I've seen the films in three figure numbers.


Anyway, I figure since it's been awhile since I've posted fic I think I should post previewy's of the two I'm hoping to finish first (outta the four I hope to have done soon).

No decided title yet: Waycest/Gerard/Bob: Gerard's POV

"And he's maintaining the lie?" I asked, hoping that he'd say that Frankie had decided to tell the truth.

He simply nodded, blowing smoke out from between his lips. "He says it's best to, so the fans don't get worried." He paused for a moment, then added. "But I think they deserve the truth."

I smiled a little as I stubbed my cigarette on the wall beside me. I knew Bob would agree with me. Although most of the time he seemed to be off in a daze, hiding behind sunglasses, cuddling the toy zebra I'd got him for his birthday two years ago or kicking Ray's ass on Guitar Hero, he was smarter then he looked. Whenever he spoke it was always something meaningful, unless he was just disturbed from one of his dazes. "Bob, would you do something for me tonight?"

"Sure Gerard." He said in a way that meant he'd do anything I saidd, no matter how weird it would be. I took a deep breath before I told him what I needed.

Pandora: Matthew Leone/Various: Matthew's POV

The strip joint was as it always was, filled of smoke and males of various ages. Some of them were my age, some were younger then me, while others looked easily old enough to be my father. as I gazed over the crowd I recognised some of the faces, but only the ones which had the least forgettable faces. Like the sightly dark skinned guy that always sat at a table to hide his considerable weight. Or the one who had dark curly hair that was almost as big as his head. Or even the one who made sure his jeans always hung low enough so that the gun tattoos on his hips were always partially visible.

Often I wondered if I came here too much, but I dismissed it. I knew some of them had someone waiting for them back home, just like I did. I also knew that some of them would leave hhim with a hard-on and if they didn't then that was only because they'd been pleasured before they left. Sometimes I'd been the one doing the pleasuring.

I combed my fingers through my hair as I made my way through the crowd to one of the tables. The dancer I wanted to see wouldn't be on for another hour or so yet and by then the crowd would have dissipated considerably. I slipped into the unocuppied seat next to the large male I'd spotted earlier because no one ever seemed to want to seat beside him. The seat offered a pretty good view of the nearest pole, where a boy with heavy make-up and sharp hips gyrated against a pole. He looked like he was just a teenager too, with a tiny black thong as the only piece of clothing on his slender frame. "Why are sitting there?" A soft voice came from beside me and I new it was the guy I'd sat beside.
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