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Daylight, tell me that it's just a myth

Thank you to everyone who commented/wished best wishes and all that in the last post. It means so much to me < 3

Last night I actually sleep early (early being 3) and I woke up early this morning (early being 10:30).

This was only due to going to see nan/going to town. Seeing nan's always hard cause I hate the care home and don't seeing her how she is. She didn't want mum to feed her, then when we went to go she got upset. Mum thought it was cause she recognised who I was:(

We then went to Walsall. We had a Mcdonalds (which makes me happy) and wandered round a bit. I got two special Demise of Grievous figs for £5 from the Sci-fi shop. Asda had no 2 for £5 figs though. Got Kerrang (though it's a bit blah really, next week's looks better). In HMV they played two 30 Seconds songs, which made me happy. I'm scared I'm seeing Episode I figs from 99 in shops. Why's Music Zone shut? I got one of Within Temptation's albums, plus one of MCR's 7" and a Lostprophets one.

They're trying to let grandad out. Mum's gonna make sure they don't til they know what's going on.

Bullet are doing a DJ/meet and greet in Birmingham on the 26th, so go I will cause Jay=< 3. We'll do three things at once that day: gay pride, Sea World and Bullet.

I've voted.

its so hot today.

Random stuff:
*I'm 20
*I love music, and a lot of different kinds
*Right now my favorite bands are (in no order): 30 Seconds To Mars, Bullet For My Valentine, Enter Shikari, Good Charlotte, Madina Lake, MCR, Panic! At the Disco, thrice
*I don't believe in Mikey's 'marriage'
*I can't stand homophobes
*I write slash
*Slash is a big part of my life
*Writing's my main outlet
*I smoke, but nowhere near enough to do damage
*I love animals, except spiders
*My main OTP is Waycest
*I don't really go for Frankie/Gerard and Brendon/Ryan cause both are so overdone
*Bob is amazing
*I'm a guy (most people don't realise this when they first encounter me)
*I love Star Wars and know far too much about it
*I'm an only child
*I stare more at guys then girls
*I get on better with girls then guys
*I have recurring dreams of MCR with boobs
*I've never been to a gay pride (yet)
*I was bullied at high school, which has made me shy.
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