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Our worst fears have been realised

So at about 3:30 today I got a call from mum. Normally I hate calls from mum, cause she's moaning about something or has woke me up or something else. This time she just said to 'come over because there's something you should hear and I want to tell you face to face.'

Naturally I go.

Once there she sits me down and tells me what's happened (well, more to the point, what she knows). Grandad's in hospital and has been since Monday night (this I knew) cause he's been pale and not eating. At first they figured it's an infection so they're keeping him in a few days to make sure he's ok (this I also knew). They did a blood test and it shown an increase in the cancer stuff in his blood. Now this was such a high increase that they've decided to do an emergency bone scan to find out what's going on. Pretty much this means the cancer's back but we won't know for sure until the results are back.

I spent the past few hours with mum, but now I'm home.
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