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Are you kidding me with this?

So I'm woken up by the sounds of gardening outside ie lawnmower and spades (who decides that a warm, sunny day is a good idea to garden I've no idea).

So I go and get Kerrang like I always do. Before I went to bed I went to get it, but it wasn't on the shelves so i just got Pepsi. Anyway, I went to three places in the heat, in my revenge hoodie and none of them had today's. One had last weeks, while another had last months. Crazy. Apparently they haven't come in, so I hope to get it tomorrow instead.

I have, however, seen the Frankie on Mikey leaving interview scan. Do I buy it? Nope. In fact the more I hear about it the less plausible it seems (leaving the tour seems very unprofessional, he just vanished on the gig he left with Gerard saying nothing about it, I don't buy the 'wedding' and now there seems to be no date when he comes back). It all just seems too... suspicious to me.

I'm putting on E4+1 to watch Mcfly Unzipped cause it's not a old repeat like I thought and Harry's guh with his new hair. Apparently Tom has 'the plague' and so isn't in. Danny, Harry and clothes pegs. Pssh Harry you can so sing (why do drummers doubt their singing abilities?). harry skinn< 3

I have kitty Tom in now for cuddles.

And I'll be writing in a few.
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