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To distract from our shortcomings

Hi to any new people from the friending meme at chemicalromance *waves*

I'm thinking of changing my icons soon. By soon I mean tomorrow. It's only cause I have no paypal that works to at more icons to it that I have to. Sigh. Icons I have my eye on are Tomo and some more Madina ones.

I keep eying up bed. this is why I slept on the couch. Cause when I sleep in bed I keep wanting to go back to it for no reason at all and just stay there snuggled for HOURS.

To cover up the fact that I've not wrote enough to post like I was meant to here's a perdy pic of Dave Williams (best one ever and no I won't cut it)

I had that their tour date is on a Sunday before Job Centre cause a: it's gonna be hard to get there, b: it'll be hard to get back and c: I'll have to save money which I'm shit at. But look at the perdy.

The Used album may or may not be ordered. I'm not sure:(

I think I'll start on Pandora, cause I can't seem to write Spencer torture, zombie fic, MCR orgy smut, Frankie porn, killer!Mikey or Bob porn for whatever reason. Aka all the fic I need to be doing that needs finishing.

Fics closed:
Today We Learn About Oral: Ian/Ilan
Hoe!Sean: Sean/undecided
Enter Shikari (aka cannibal Spencer/Ryan)
Bullet foursome
Banana; Waycest
Markers: Waycest
Breathless: wiL Francis/Matt Tuck
The various ficlets that I don't wanna list (cause I'm lazy
Deaf And Dumb: Frankie/Pete Wentz (may be closed permenantly)
Cause I See You Lying Next To Me: Oli Sykes/Tom Sykes (see above)
The Disadvantages Of Being A Sheikah: Link/Sheik (see above)
5 Dreams: various MCR pairings
Surgery fic: Various MCR
The Gods Want Something; MCR/Dougie Poynter
The Hunt: brendon/Tom Delonge, Ian Watkins/Matt Tuck

Fics open:
My Body Is Your Body: Spencer/Ryan *
Obsession: Bob/Gerard (with others)
Dead!: Frankie/Spencer *
Hungry Eyes: Bob/Ray
Guys Like Us In Prison: Bob/Oli Sykes
Billy/Paul/Frankie *
Piggy; Waycest *
Bob/Gerard, Waycest *
Pandora: Matthew Leone/Sean Smith, Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone others *
Mama: Waycest/Omar Abidi
The Time Of Our Lives: MCR orgy
What to Do With the Dead: Waycest, Mikey/Ryan, Mikey/Ian
Hard Slammin: Ian/Sean Smith, Matt Tuck/Dave Williams, others

*=closest to being finished

Edit 2 (cause I'm too lazy to make a new post): I made a post on mcshearts requesting random things and someone posts this comment. Obviously they've awesome and it makes me wanna do What to Do With The Dead more. Once I've done at least 3 of the 5 standalones I've started (plus the next apart to My Body Is Your Body, cause that was meant to be last night) I'll see about working on it.
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