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Purity Control

Today's been taken up by sleep. Yeah from 7-3ish has been sleep. Well, till 2, the bed is far too comfy to leave right away. Which is why I slept on the couch for so long.

I had a dream about Bob with boobs.

As said day has been taken up by said sleep I'm gonna try and write properly now.

The Enter Shikari finger lights that savemexxeraseme sent me arrived today. Squee! They're so cool! I wish I was going to a gig now so I had a reason to wear them.

Bert, please give up this feud thing with Gerard or I'll strangle you with your own hair. Sure he stopped drinking and doing drugs, stole your tech and sleeps with his brother over you but you can stop now. You've got wiL. And from tonight, Sean.

One of the untitled fics I have planned (ie it's just an idea that hasn't even been started) now has a title. Joy.

I have money for Kerrang/Pepsi tomorrow. By money I mean a pile of loose change and a £1 coin.

I've been watching Will And Grace Season 5. Leo's annoying. Karen's brilliant < 3

Grandad's in hospital again. You think they'd take the hint to keep him in on the second infection but noo they leave it till the forth. Fools.

Mum wants to go out on Thursday and Friday and drag me along. Joy.

Gonna write now. My Body is Your Body and Gerard/Bobness.
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