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Which lever do I pull to get crushed by a safe?

I think I really may be nocturnal. I can't sleep at all between 1am and 6. It's really strange.

The Sims 2 is being odd to me. I'm trying to give Frankie a raise and it won't let me. Stupid thing.

MSN and yahoo Messenger still won't work for me. WTF is wrong with this comp?

Are there any caps from the the new Used video? Specifically of the Bert/Bertness?

I hate wordpad for being odd. And I hate just staring at the screen blankly, even though I know what I want to write. Well, kinda but the words won't come. I hope it'll come to me after I lay down, my back's hurting from this stupid chair again.

I got bored and did a list of the guys I find most attractive in the bands I like. So heere it is (I was gonna add proper pics for all of them but Matthew doesn't have pcis of him solo).

30 Seconds To Mars: Tomo Milicevic
Bullet For My Valentine: Jason 'Jay' James
Fightstar: Charlie Simpson/Omar Abidi
Fall Out Boy: Patrick Stump
Good Charlotte: Paul Thomas
Lostprophets: Ian Watkins
Madina Lake: Matthew Leone (he's the twin with the dark bit)
Mcfly: Harry Judd
My Chemical Romance: Mikey Way/Bob Bryar (though I could easily add Ray or Gerard to that)
Panic!At the Disco: Spencer Smith (minus facial hair)/Ryan Ross (whenever Spencer has said facial hair)
Son of Dork: Dave Williams
The Academy Is...: William Beckett
The Blackout: Sean Smith (not related to Spencer damnit
The Used: Quinn Allman

Yeah, I know some'll disagree with me so if you like you can comment with your own. Cause I'm curious like that. Unlike moi you can provide pics.

For some reason I'm reminded of Sean's Myspace buleltin. That he said he'd try and kiss the guys from the Used on the two date tour.If there's a goddess then he'll go for Madina too and take pictures. (If that happened then I'd die).
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