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Keep up the mantra of 'I'm a boy, I'm a boy'

I got no sleep at alll last night cause of today. I went on Sims and it bugged out for some reason, but I've started a home buisness.

I keep having recurring dreams about high school. I've no idea what they're about or what they mean (cause I forget most of what happened when I wake.

Today was Job Center. Turns out they didn't get the e-mail at all (bastards) soo i'd have been betetr off getting someone to call. Hard to do with no voice and not having the number. The frst person I talked to was an annoying motormouth kinda chick, but the second was nice and friendly. I'm gonna be back paid from the 19th. My new signing on date is Monday with the first date being the day before Good Charlotte.

So it's sorted now kinda. I have to wait a week to see if the money's in.

On the way back the bus broke down, so I had to walk the rest of the way. Bah. Though before it did there was a lesbian couple onboard with a kid < 3

I wrote some last niught too. I think I'll post it soon, cause it's almost done (tis a standalone that's Waycest+Gerard/Bob). After that I'll finish My Body is Your Body part 3 and a Waycest standalone. By Wednesday I hope to have done Pandora too. Maybe something else.

I'm reopening all my other MCR fics to do as well, in case I get inspired. (Aka Obsession, Hungry Eyes, The Time Of Our Lives and What To Do With the Dead)

Again, I get referred to as a girl. Again, I wish I had a neon sign that said I'm a guy or I have a penis (gods I hate that word).

It seems Alzheimer's doesn't erase memory but it somehow block's a person's access to them. That means there could be a way to return someone back to how they were before they had it to an extent. This is good.

I'm tired now, so I'm gonna waddle off to bed for a few.
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