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Damaged people

On Thursday we watched Dahmer and Mean Creek. Dahmer was about the serial killer. It coulda been long and defiantely coulda had more gayness/gore. However it did have a head in a box and a hot Japanese guy. Said guy also ended up being cut open. Mean Creek was good, but I don't get how it could be called gripping or a thriller.

Friday we watched Oldboy. Well I say we, it was more of me. How it's been blamed for the massacre I have no idea (a gun's fired twice in the whole thing). It's got incest in it though. Incest is good. Sadly it's straight both times. I think I understand it better on the second showing now though.

Last night I couldn't sleep so I went on Sims and made Panic! (apart from Jon caus ehis hair wouldn't download). I made a cool house with lotsa lifts. Spencer made a robot and instantly fell in love with his own creation. Thusly he went on a date with him (for sonme reason Brendon and Ryan went too and they kissed... damn AI). Following that, Spencer banged his robot. Yep, he's a robosexual. Brendon and Ryan woohoo'd too. If Jon'd been there it'd have been Jon and them thoough. Damn game not allowing threesomes.

I wrote a bit too.

I didn't get up till 4 today.

I went over the road and I think mum needs to see a therapist. She's depressed sounding methinks. :(

Then I spent an hour bored outta my mind with grandad (with boring as hell Morse on). That is until almost 7 when he decided to talk. First he asks if I had a nice time with Amy (yes, AMY. Why can't he get her name right ever?). Then he says something that sounds as if she's pregnant.

What. The. Fuck. Is. Wrong. With. Him.

I now have Pepsi, so I'm happy. Plus, there was this cute three-legged kitty that I saw on the way back home.
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