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It would be like shopping!

Ah the trip was annoying. I had to wait for half hour at Orpington and almost an hour at Birmingham station. Joy. It was also really hot so I couldn't realy concentrate on anything.

I read General Grievous though < 3

I almost lost my tamagotchi. Stupid thing fell from my pocket:(

It's a good job I went today, cause if I'd gone yesterday I wouldn't have got to Birmingham till 7.

I got the Radio Times and a Nintendo mag to keep me entertained. Resident Evil 4's being released for the Wii. I dunno how much difference there's gonna be though.

I got home in time for Who. < 3 This makes me happy. though Sec died:( This makes me sad, cause he was cool and nice. Panaka died. I expected this. The Daleks always escape. There will always always be Daleks.

Next week's looks interesting.

Earthquake in Kent? Feel it I did not.

MSN doesn't work for me. Bah.
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