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For absolution

So instead of coming back today, I'm going back tomorrow. Yeah, an extra day, but I woke at a funny time and now tickets for the times I'd need to go can't be booked. Means I'll have to book it tonight for tomorrow.


I'll have to go early tomorrow at 11ish so I don't miss Doctor Who. For some reason I don't like seeing the repeat on BBC 3 cause I'd rather watch it at the same time as everyone else. As of now I've only missed one Doctor Who episode and then I got it recorded on device.

Yes I'm a geek, I know this.

On Sims 2 Open For Buisness I know there's a way to make a brothel. But I dunno how. Anyone know what you need for it? Also, any good Panic! mods?

Popworld's been axed. Doesn't surprise me, it was nothing without Simon.

Scream 2 < 3

Final Fantasy III looks amazing.

And I'm done for now, I might come back on for an hourish later on.

Edit: Kylie in the Doctor Who Christmas Special this year? That's just made of all kinds of awesome.
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