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Even though it'll be the worst thing ever

I'll start with perhaps the best news ever: Bob's really considering doing his solo project < 3 YAY!

I'm staying here till Friday cause two days of travelling has made me tired then I expected. Plus mum found out I was here so I made her let me stay longer. Mum thought something had happened to me cause I wasn't home. Wow, she gives a fuck. She almost called the police.

Monday night we watched Breakfast On Pluto. It's a film with Cillian Murphy in it and for 99% of the film he's in women's clothes. Tis hot (especially on the swing). Plus there were cute robins.

Yesterday was the concert. When we got to London, we didn't know where to go... but it ended up being just two minutes from where we started. Sigh. The toilets in London are a bit shit. They need more of them, plus better, working locks.

The concert was, well different. There were pretty t-shirts and the stage was so so perdy causa the Japanese lanterns. Also good was getting a seat (despite it meaning squeezing next to each other thus I got hit a few times). The support act was... terrible. Beyond shit really. All their songs sounded the same. I hated the massive gaps between doors opening and support, then support and 30 Seconds. When they did come on though, twas amazing (I spent the time kneeling on the seat so my legs weren't tired). Shannon < 3 Tomo < 33. Jared loves to say motherfucking a lot. I wonder who'd win in a swearing contest him or Gerard. He also didn't sing some of the lyrics cause he made us sing them instead. The set seemed a bit short too for some reason and the lights kept blinding the crap outta me. Still, Shannon got sweaty (and readjusted himself a lot) and Tomo was just < 3. Jared seems to love spinning. The new guy reminds me of Jon for some reason.

After the show, they did a signing again, so we stayed for that. It was a bit disorganised and they were too many girls (girls in that number scare me). There was snuggly lesbians though. I knew I shoulda gone first for the signing, but didn't because I'm dumb like that. I got a sticker signed (though new guy wasn't there). Emily did a painting of the Mithra logo thing that they have, so took it just in case there was a signing. Cue Shannon being all wide-eyed and sayiing 'Wow it's beautiful' and 'thank you so much'. Awww< 3

At the concert I did have a fic idea, which I've been mentally developing so I can write it when I'm home. It'll be the third fic I work on (after My Body Is Your Body and Pandora).

We caught the last/first train back (cause it was after midnight so...). We walked back and popped into Tesco... and got Tamagotchi's. Mine looks like a ball with a mohawk. Emily's actually looks like something with a tail.

I really want Harvest Moon DS.

Today I slept till 2ish. I've not done much really since (I've felt a bit at a loose end). I got Kerrang though. It has a cute poster of Patrick and one of Bert and wiL kissing (why the hell hasn't anyone paired them yet?). Madina have been compared to Enter Shikari?

Why's the Mcfly signing have to be at the Fort AGAIN? That annoys me.

I'm gonna go now cause my eyelids are feeling heavy. I'll try and be on tomorrow for an hour on AIM.
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