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Life in transit

I know I said the last post was gonna be the last post, but this is instead.

I'm back from going to Cannock. It was good and bad.

As I left I ran into the postwoman who was standing right outside the door. I think I scared us both.

On the bus there was this kid in front of me (he'll be so hot when he's old) and I got this vibe off him. he looked out the window and seemed sad and I got the feeling he was being bullied. I saw a lot of me in him and ity made me sad. And wanna hug him.

Once I arrived I went to the Job Center. only to find out that the whole rip was pointless. Why? In all the rush to fill out forms and find everything I neglected to notice the appointment date. In short, I have to go next week instead. Bah!

The trip, however, wasn't a waste of time. I tested out my new bank card... to find that my account had £90 in it. WTF? How the fuck? I shouldn't have any mony in there at all (cause the last time I signed on was before MCR and I got all the money out then). So I'm very confused. Glad, but confused. I feel happy now as it means I have money for tomorrow (alas I still can't go to The used as it wouldn't have been enough).

Oh well.

As I came out of Woolworths (which wa sblah and pointless) there was this gorgeous guy coming in with his hand down his pants showing off his stomach. Guh. I think he noticed me staring. Was he staring back?

I then went to Asda to get food and drink for the trip. However, I found things that made me squee. Star Wars figs 2 for £5! Naturally I bought 4 (cause there were 7 that I saw that I didn't already have, so I can get the other three plus an extra Polis Massan Thursday). Odd how most of them were Jedi. I got 4 Jedi: Shaak Ti, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Luminara Unduli and Plo Koon. Sadly they didn't have Aayla who I like despite or because of her lack of clothes.

I got something from Gamestation to take down south with me as a gift (well sorta a gift really) and ended up missing the bus. Bah. I got jelly dolphins and walked back.

I walked past the reamins of a car crash on the way back. It's strange to walk past one. The car was totally fucked, but the bus looked pretty undamaged from my angle. It didn't look like there was anyone hurt, but the drivers to both looked long gone (there was an ambulence when I passed it on the bus).

Anyway, I'm done now. I'm gonna lie down, rest my tired legs then drop some stuff across the road and go. Byess people < 3
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