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Spin and shatter

Mmmm that's good, I might use that as a fic title.

Oh that's a brilliant interview Bob being cute and dozing, liking tuna, Gerard being sure which of The Village People was gay and cook!Bob < 3 Oh I love Bob too much < 3

Onto concert happenings at concerts that I'm not at so only know from comm's. Gerard's got a cracked rib. I think it would be a good idea for him to stop singing for awhile cause it must hurt like hell.

I blame Bob for being overexcited for being allowed to have sex with him wihout Mikey.

Meanwhile, at another concert entirely, Harry proposed to Dougie. Oh I can't wait for the video to be uploaded< 3

3 hours until I have to be on the way to the Job Center. Am I going to go to sleep then? Nope. Not worth it. I'll just wait till the coach. When am I gonna go to Birmingham for it? Probably 1 or 2. Forms are filled out (though one is confusing). ID is ready. So I'm set.

I've fic open in case I wanna write to keep me occupied. I've packed my note book to take with me too. I should really note down he ideas that I've got.

This'll probably be the last post I make before I go.

I'll do a post once I get there then another after the gig, then bam! I'll be back.

In the mean time, read fic and stay safe.
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