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My Body Is Your Body Part 2

My Body Is Your Body
Pairing: Spencer/Ryan, others mentioned
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ryan
Prompt: wtf27 15 Hookers
Warnings: Rimming, heavy BDSM, other things mentioned
Dedicatons: antontobias86 and shebangsthedrum for requesting and giving me many ideas
Notes: Yes it is almost 4 months since part 1 :[ This is a speculum for those that don't know. Again, this part was gonna be a bit longer, but I thought I'd leave as is so I could post before my trip. There'll be another part in a few days.
Part 1

Within the box were all the items I used when I had him here. Cock rings, a vibrating butt plug, nipple and ball clamps were just a few of the items I had in there. "On your stomach slut." I growled, running my fingers over the objects as I watched him, finally deciding on one. He pressed his fingers against the bed, managing to use that as enough leverage to get onto his belly. He let out soft gasps as his sore dick brushed against the bedsheets, which had been my intention to begin with. I pulled out the speculum, which was one of the newest additions to my collection. In fact it was so new I hadn't used it on him yet. The steel device was slightly longer then my forearm and could stretch as wide as my outstretched palm. I knew it had been designed with animals and not humans in mind, but I also knew that it would be usable on him. The guy I'd bought it from had told me how he used it on a boy he had. Of course, since acquiring it I'd cleaned it to make sure it had no trace of it's previous owners.

I gripped his left ass cheek, spreading it so I could gaze at his twitchy pucker. For a few seconds I just watched as the hole opened and closed before deciding that I had to make use of what I had. I pressed the cold steel against him, slowly pushing the ends of it inside of him. He whimpered as I forced it inside him, his body squirming as he tried to get away from it but his struggles only resulted in more pain for him as his sore crotch rubbed against the bedsheets again. He stopped struggling as he realised how much pain his futile movements caused him. I chuckled, using my hand on his ass to push him against the sheets, making him cry out in pain again. The sounds of his pain were music to my ears as I pushed more of the metal instrument inside him. Of course, I wasn't going to force the entire 17 inch length of it inside him, even though I knew he could take it. After all, he'd taken up to my elbow inside him before now. Right now I'd pushed three inches of it inside him.

"Tell me whore, who have you been with since our last encounter." I was curious of course, though this was mostly due to my curiousity on the guys Brendon had mentioned earlier, because I could tell from the tone of his voice that there were new ones. More guys who liked Spencer's damaged look. Roughly, I forced another inch of the speculum inside him, then waited for him to speak.

When he did speak, his voice was shaky and unsteady, something I'd become very familar with. "The... there's been three guys. Apart from Bren of course." He bit his lip and glanced over his shoulder at me, as if asking silently if he should give details. My response my to turn the speculum's screw, which started to open up his asshole, making him cry in pain once more. Once it was open almost an inch more I stopped, because I could see in his eyes that he was ready to continue. "The first was Jon, who you already know about sir. He just fucked me in his car and made me suck him clean. Then he made me drink his piss too."

He went silent again, so I decided to make he restart talking. I slid another inch of the metal inside him, growling down at him and digging my nails into his ass. "And the other two?"

Another whimper passed his lips and he spoke again, his voice as unsteady as it was before. "The other was called Bob, he took me back to his home sir. He had sandy hair, stubble on his face and this icy blue eyes. He seemed very much like you, he kept stroking the bruises you gave me while he fucked me. I sucked him clean just like Jon and he made me lick his ass just like you do. He had whips and paddles on the wall, but he only used a paddle on me after he came. He looked very strong sir, but he seemed to be restraining himself. There was also something else strange about him sir." He turned back to look at me again and I tipped my head to one side. This 'Bob' interested me greatly and I was curious to learn whatever I could about him. "There were sounds coming from his closet sir. Like..." He paused as if searching for the right words. "Like muffled moans sir, like there was a gagged person in there. Maybe more then one sir, the closet looked quite big." Even more interesting. "But I never got to see them sir. He only kept me a few hours."

"Hmmm, intriguing. And the third?" I absently turned the screw twice more, watching as his body arched and his hands clenched.

"He was different altogether sir. His name was Sean and I is accent wasn't even American sir. He had bleached blonde hair with this strnage pink bit at the front. He asked me to hold him and finger him sir, but strangest of all, he rode me and let me cum." His description interested me least of all, in terms of meeting him on equal terms that is. Being gentle with a whore was a weakness. In fact, this Sean sounded like he'd be perfect whore material.

"You probably won't see that last one again slut." Not that I would actually tell Brendon that this Sean boy was whore material and have him kidnapped if turned up again. Not at all. There were professionals for that which could do a far better job. I glanced down at Spencer's ass, which was now open just over an inch wide. It was curious looking inside his body through the speculum. His insides looked strange and pulsing, not like I expected. I decided to push the device in even deeper, until it was buried half inside him. Of course, he made howls of protest as I roughly forced the metal in deeper, but I didn't try to silence him. It would've been a waste of my time if I tried and I didn't like wasting time. Once I was satisfied that the length was buried eight inches inside him, I twisted the screw a little more to open him a few millimetres further then let go of it altogether. "There, perfect."

Again I studied him, only this time I wasn't just looking at his wide open hole, I was looking over his body. His back was now covered in a sheen of sweat that made his skin shine in the light. His bound hands looked the same, only they were slightly red with the restriction of the cord. On his left ass cheek was a series of crescent from where I'd dug my nails into the soft skin. I reached down and flicked at the tight cord, noting his moan of pain as the vibrations travelled along it to his balls.

Satisfied, and a little bored, with looking at this side of him I rolled him onto his back, smirking again as he let out more sounds of pain. The speculum wouldn't go any deeper in him due to his change of position, in part due to the relative softness of the bed but also due to the instrument itself which was strong enough not to be moved deeper by the bed. Now I turned my attention to his crotch, his cock and balls still looking slightly red from the squeezing I'd given it before I'd started on his ass.

I hummed softly to myself as I moved back to my box, gazing over the items within to decide what to use. I picked up a handful of items and set them on a desktop behind me, kicking the box under the bed so it wouldn't get in my way. Sadly, none of them would give him permenant damge. I'd often pondered making him my own and keeping him, either by attempting to buying him off Brendon, by having him kidnapped or by just forcing him to. After all, I knew that I could best Brendon if I had to fight him. Alas, every time such thoughts came across my mind I decided not to. It's not that the thought of doing permenant damage to him didn't appeal to me, in fact I'd done detailed drawings as to what I'd do if he was mine, it was that I wouldn't be able to decide what to do with him in the long term. I'd thought about giving him breasts and making him a sissy boy, dehumanising him to the point where he'd think he was a dog to the point where he'd take it from real ones, making him my limbless pillow or just wrapping him in rubber and never letting him out. Of course, each one was mutually exclusive so I'd have to settle on one idea before I did make him my own.

If I ever did choose one that is.

Sighing softly I shook my head to rid myself of such thoughts and returned to the task at hand. I gazed down at the items I picked out, ghosting my hands over each to decide which to use first. There was a small case of needles, a nipple clamp and a studded paddle. Instinct drawn me to the needles.

Opened the case, setting the lid next to the paddle and headed back to the restrained boy. My delicate fingers easily pulled out one of the sharp steel needles, holding it up to the light for him to see. His eyes went wide with fear. "Now, where should I put these first hmmm?"

"No... please." I'd used these on him before and he knew exactly where I liked to use them. But he should still know better then to beg. I chuckled to myself and slowly shook my head as I sat on the bed between his legs.

"Now that was a big mistake little one."
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