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I cannot inhale, the sparkle of your voice

I'm back on track writing-wise. Well, with this fic anyway. I figure it'll be postable in 2 hours, maybe a bit more maybe a bit less.

I think I should do a count of my tee's at some point. Possibly when I return. I'll do estimates now anyway, though I'm probably wrong.
*MCR 20+ (yes I swear I have around that many, becaue I'm obsessed like that. Plus I've seen MCR more then anyone else so it's only natural that the tee's reflect that)
*Skeleton Crew 1
*Panic! 2 (I wish I had more)
*Fightstar 1
*Bullet For My Valentine 2 (3 if you count the Kerrang XXV with the band list on)
*30 Seconds To Mars 1
*Lostprophets 2

There's a number of bands I want tee's of (The Used, Madina, FOB, The Academy Is... etc) but I haven't been able to get due to not going to their tours. Though the last two have done tours and somehow my mind just blanked on them altogether. How I don't know.

This wasn't pointless, it came to mind as I looked for my 30 Seconds tee. To was easy to find cause it's bright red, though it didn't help that the bright red MCR tee was folded in with it for some reason.

The following bands should do tours later in the year:
*Bullet For My Valentine
*Enter Shikari
*Fall Out Boy
*Linkin Park
*Madina Lake
*Panic! At the Disco
*The Academy Is...
*The Blackout
*The Used

Cause I wanna see them/wanna see them agan. Most probably won't though sigh. I get the feelign I've missed someone too. I doubt MCR will come back again after the festivals but it's always likely (they seem to like doing tours in the cold months here).

I have my passport so I've got ID now.

I still need to watch that Saturday video, though for some reason the youtube stops after 48 seconds. :/.

Then do forms and pack.
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