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Is it just me or does Bob Bryar have very few facial expression? There's dazing, staring at Gerard, looking badass, giggling, just looking adorable and cuddly, and then looking absolutely petrified. The last one seems very common.

I don't like being woke up by the phone. Especially as I was having a dream that I can't remember now. Accept that the Letos were in it. Mum (or at least I assume it's her) has rung four times now. Have I answered? Fuck no. It slightly bothers me that she's called so much but that doesn't matter. I don't wanna go over there and be moaned at again, especially about something that's not my fault.

There's a loud bird outside in the mornings. Like a crow or something, with a loud squawk not the twitters of normal birds. It's annoying.

Harry, spending two days alone with Danny for signings (who's idea will that) will probably go insane and strangle said Danny. After all, there'll be no Dougie/Tom to act as a buffer while they're off together.

Anyone got a link to the FOB video Saturday? It sounds interesting (according to Wiki that it).

I'm gonna fill out the forms/look for ID later. I already have one ID thing, so I just need to find another. My passport's around here somewhere.

I didn't really write much yesterday, so I hope to post it tonight instead.

I'm gonna hate tomorrow. Walking, Job Center, walking, train, walking, coach, walking, train, Orpington, train, walking. Joy. It's a given the coach trip'll be spent asleep.

Edit: Less hate for tomorrow. Bus, Job Center, bus, train, walking, coach, walking, train, Orpington, train, walking.
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